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Thanks for using the EICON results!
We would like to show to the European Commission that the ERASMUS+ funding for this EICON project ( had an impact. Please answer the following questions, as your answers will help us understanding better who is using the results, and what we could possibly improve.
In which type of educational organisation are you working?
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In which country are you working?*

The main outcomes of the ERASMUS+ EICON project are the so-called lists of inclusion opportunities. You probably found this link on one of those lists. The following statements relate to these lists of inclusion opportunities and to the website where these lists are permanently stored for your use.

Please rate the following aspects:

The description of the purpose of the lists of inclusion opportunities is easy to understand.
The instructions on how to use the lists of inclusion opportunities at the website are easy to understand.
The presentation of the lists is easy to use.
As I read through the lists, it became clear to me how multifaceted the use of ICT to increase inclusion capacity is.
By reading the lists I got many new and innovative ideas on how to implement inclusion.
By using the lists I expect a significant improvement in the inclusion capacity of my institution.
I recommend these lists of inclusion opportunities to colleagues so that they can also make use of them.
Anything else you would like us to know about the lists of inclusion opportunities and how you are making use of them?